This boarder turned someone’s beloved pet to ashes

She Killed Other People’s Dogs, Turning Them to Piles of Ashes

“I never once thought that my dog was being starved and torched and burned.” Those are the words of a grieving pet parent who recently learned her dog died at a Kentucky dog boarding kennel.

Even worse: authorities knew this woman was not safe to be around pets, after charging her with animal cruelty back in December 2021. So how did this situation even happen?

Sign the petition to demand justice, including a full investigation into how this happened!

The owner, a breeder and boarder, is currently facing charges for animal cruelty after authorities discovered 21 dead dogs, as well as 14 neglected puppies and adult dogs, inside and around her home.

Two of the deceased animals were rotting away inside her car, their bodies wrapped in plastic bags and already starting to decompose.

One dog owner discovered that her beloved pup, Cane, was among the 12 deceased pets. When authorities arrived on the premises, they discovered Cane was already reduced to a pile of ashes, with no fur, hair, or pawprints left to identify him by.

The only way she knew the remains belonged to Cane was through his microchip. She explained: “That was my best friend. I can’t even bring him home in a box, and she [the breeder] doesn’t have any sort of remorse or any explanation — nothing.”

Pet parents entrusted this woman with their animals’ care because they thought she was reputable and dependable. But after her December 2021 charges, this should not have been possible.

Why did Kentucky officials allow this breeder’s abuses to escalate to this point? Sign the petition to demand an investigation into why Hardin County, Kentucky allowed this known animal abuser to run her dog business and remain in possession of other people’s pets!

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