This cat was stolen during a carjacking

Having your car stolen is disorienting and violating, but it’s just property. You can be compensated for that kind of loss. But what if something — or someone — irreplaceable was inside? For two pet owners in the Chicago area, this was exactly the case. They were victims of separate carjackings while they had their precious cats with them. One of the families was reunited with their sweet Opal, a fuzzy white cat with eyes that match her name. But Luna, a gray and orange tabby with the pinkest tongue you’ve ever seen, is still missing and leaving a hole in her owner’s broken heart.

Sign the petition and ask that the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times use their immense reach to distribute pictures of sweet Luna so anyone who might have information on her whereabouts will know that she is sorely missed, and where to return her!

“She’s my little kitty. I know she’s a cat, but she’s my little baby.” That’s what Luna’s owner told the rescue where she got her, which has raised funds to offer a reward. But the best way to get Luna home is make sure all of Chicago is on the lookout for her — odds are, someone knows something about her whereabouts. The newspapers that make money off highlighting crime need to do the right thing and circulate Luna’s image! Sign if you agree.

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