This dog trainer is a convicted animal abuser, but nothing is stopping him from owning dogs

Animal abusers very rarely face any real punishment for their crimes. That’s why it was such a victory when Garry Reynolds, owner of NorCal K9, a dog training company in East Contra Costa County, California, was actually prosecuted and sentenced to two years in jail after abusing and neglecting four dogs in his care. The dogs’ enclosures were covered in urine and feces indoors, the facilities were not protected from extreme California heat, and raw, rotting chicken was even found where the dogs were kept. The conditions were so abhorrent and two of the dogs suffered so much that they had to be euthanized.

Reynolds maintains that he did nothing wrong, shifting the blame to his business partner. This lack of remorse is discouraging — it either means he does not think what happened was abuse, or that he is okay with this kind of cruel treatment. Either way, he can clearly not be trusted to own dogs ever again. The problem is that in California, the penalty for abusing an animal does not include being barred from owning one in the future. Until this is included in the law, no animal is safe from abusers like Garry, and the cycle of violence will continue. Sign the petition to ask California to pass legislation prohibiting convicted animal abusers from ever having access to animals again!

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