This dog was found starved to half her weight and covered in urine

At first glance, Arugula’s wrinkly little face and puppy dog eyes look like any other sweet pup’s. But look beyond, under the blanket she’s wrapped in, and you’ll find one of the skinniest, sickest dogs imaginable. The dog, affectionately nicknamed Ru, was found in the middle of the harsh Chicago winter — starved to half her normal body weight, unable to stand, and wrapped in a urine-soaked blanket. Even now, she is struggling to survive, bouncing between her loving foster home and the emergency vet due to countless complications resulting from the horrific abuse and neglect she endured. Bringing her back from starvation, performing painful surgeries to remove toys and rope from her GI system, and identifying any underlying conditions that are hidden (and also exacerbated) by her weakened state all make for a tricky job, fraught with setbacks.

Ru has been through so much, and already the amazing rescue that took her in — One Tail at a Time — has paid over $21,000 in vet bills. The City of Chicago had a budget of $11.6 billion in 2020, yet only around $7 million went to Chicago Animal Care and Control. It’s the only city-funded pound, but it is disproportionately supported by smaller non-profits and animal shelters, like One Tail at a Time, who mainly operate on donations. These organizations pull many dogs from the city’s overcrowded, high kill facility and foot the cost of food, care, shelter, and medical attention themselves. It’s incredibly important, lifesaving work, so why isn’t it built into the city’s massive budget? Sign the petition asking for Chicago to increase funding for vulnerable animals in the shelter system, and follow the link found there to donate to One Tail at a Time!

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