This dog was found trapped in a bag after days of abuse

When a little Maltese dog named Mabel was reunited with her family in late April of 2021, it was a dream come true. But in the days preceding that reunion, the white fluffy dog had been living a nightmare. Mabel was stolen from her family’s backyard when they weren’t looking, and days later she was found tied up in a bag, covered by branches and sticks so she had almost no chance of moving or being discovered. Sign the petition and urge the Lincolnshire Police to do everything they can to find the culprit!

When Mabel was taken, her family and the neighbors spent days trying to find her. They weren’t sure if she had been taken or simply escaped and gotten lost! But a few days later, a father and son walking their own dog heard cries, barks, and whimpers in some bushes just 15 minutes away from Mabel’s family home. They had to dig through branches to find Mabel, scared and exhausted, trapped in a discarded umbrella bag. And Mabel is not the only dog to have been stolen, tied up and abandoned in a bag in the area recently.

Clearly, authorities need to do more to protect local pets by finding the perpetrator(s)! Sign the petition now to urge local police to take these cases seriously!

2 thoughts on “This dog was found trapped in a bag after days of abuse

  1. Martin

    You think this needs a petition to get local police to do something about it..

    Really? How very sad of you to assume that lincs police don’t care. Given the work being done. Just because the investigation isn’t posted all over social media does not mean nothing is being done..

    You can use my work email address if you have any information useful to the investigation.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Appreciate you taking the time to comment. I assume the person that raised the petition did feel the need, but you would have to ask them. I can’t see how raising the awareness is a problem? Hope you find the people responsible.

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