This dogsitter has been charged with animal cruelty after a dog’s violent death

A Dog Died in This Sitter’s Care, Yet He Can Still Legally Dogsit in the Future.

Authorities have arrested a dogsitter in New Jersey after they discovered several dogs in his care living in dangerous and violent conditions. Even worse – one dog had already died a gruesome death.

Sign now to demand the Union County Prosecutor’s office ban this man from ever owning, possessing, or caring for an animal ever again!

When authorities arrived at the scene after reports of a dog fight in the yard, they found multiple dogs wearing shock collars and tied to short tethers in the yard, which none of the dog owners had approved of. 

One dog lost 15 pounds after his owner dropped him off at the sitter’s home. Two other dogs fought violently, until one ultimately mauled the other to death.

Luckily, authorities rescued five dogs and one cat from the scene and are ensuring they receive care and return to their owners. But we cannot let an incident like this happen again.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office must include a lifetime ban on animal ownership and possession their sentencing! We cannot let any other animals suffer under this man’s care!

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