This endangered whale died after humans rammed right into it

They Hit An Endangered Whale With Such Impact, It Died from “Catastrophic Blunt Force Trauma”

North Atlantic right whales are a critically endangered species. Only 340 individuals are left alive in the world – and only 70 are females of breeding age. We cannot lose a single other whale.

But that didn’t stop a human vessel from striking a 20-year-old male right whale in the ocean, going at speeds fast enough to cause “catastrophic blunt force trauma.”

As a result, the endangered whale died and washed up on the Virginia shores. The whale must have been in horrific pain, because experts say he suffered several fractures and separations to his vertebrae.

Humans are responsible for the three main threats to right whales’ survival. These include being struck by human vessels, entanglement in humans’ commercial fishing nets or other gear, and feeding and migration changes caused by human-induced climate change. 

If humans are the problem, we need to also be the answer! The U.S. government should take accountability and ensure we prevent these unnecessary whale deaths!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) must create more strict speed limits for ships, boats, and other water vessels. Sign the petition to save the last of these whales before they disappear!

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