This family buried their dog alive!

In Russia, a nice woman named Olga stopped on the road when she saw a dog all alone, cold and wet. She had stumbled upon Kiryusha, a German shepherd that looked like a big teddy bear. The reason Kiryusha was there is that his owners decided they didn’t want him anymore and decided to just bury him alive. Sign the petition and demand that Kiryusha’s owners be charged with animal cruelty, and that they be barred from ever owning an animal again.

Somehow Kiryusha survived his attempted murder. His owners had tried to poison him and bury him but it didn’t work, so he must have woken up and dug himself out of the ground and began walking. Thank goodness that Olga saved him because he’s now recovering at a rescue where is deeply loved by the staff and awaiting his forever home. But his evil tormentors haven’t been held to account at all. There is nothing stopping them from getting a new dog and murdering it when they get sick of it, they expressed zero remorse for their actions. We need to come together and demand Russian authorities charge them with animal cruelty and never let them own an animal again!

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