This family’s cat was taken and tortured to death

On May 6, an animal control officer in Cambridge went to check out reports of the heartbreaking sounds of a cat crying and wailing under a car. But when he got there, the scene was silent. The officer found a cat under the car that had just died from 11 BB gunshot wounds. A great deal of his fur was missing and, worse still, his back legs were tightly, painfully bound with duct tape so he had no chance of getting home or getting help. This poor cat was tortured and then purposefully left to die slowly and alone. His name was Gosha, a black and white shorthaired cat who had gone missing from his family’s home just two days earlier.

Cats are not a rarity in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and until Gosha’s killer is found, none of them are safe! The level of violence and malice in this attack make it clear that whoever did this is dangerous — even to humans, since we know from research that perpetrators of cruelty towards animals often escalate to hurting people. Time is of the essence. Poor Gosha couldn’t be saved, but the MSPCA must use his story to save other cats like him! Sign the petition and urge them to do everything they can to find this cat killer.

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