This law could help end brutal animal abuse!

Animal abuse laws in the United States are chiefly at the state level, meaning they are varying, inconsistent, and enforcement can get confusing since that responsibility belongs to many different departments. But a piece of legislation was introduced to Congress, along with a companion bill in the Senate, that would fill in the gaps — the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act. If made law, this act would create a designated sector within the Department of Justice (DOJ) for enforcing felony animal cruelty laws. Sign the petition and urge both Congress and the Senate to unanimously vote yes on these lifesaving bills!

We know that cruelty to animals often leads to cruelty to people. So catching this kind of abuser early is key to saving countless animals and humans who may be in danger! It’s our duty to protect the animals amongst us since they don’t have their own voice. Will you join us in calling for the passage of this more comprehensive animal abuse protection law?

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