This man kicked a dog on video and hasn’t been held to account

Melbourne Australia is under lockdown as it becomes the most locked down city in the world and is currently gripped by a COVID-19 virus wave. During protests against vaccination and lockdown, animals have been kicked and subjected to violence. Sign Now and urge the Victorian Premier to prosecute any and all instances of animal abuse at these protests!

The unsuspecting and innocent victims at the violent protests being held around the city and state are actually the animals being brought along to the rallies and marches. A recent video posted to Twitter shows two men in an argument, one holding his leashed dog, when suddenly the other man kicks the dog as the animal is surprised and jumps back in shock. Animals are sentient beings and bringing them into violence can cause them to become stressed, traumatized, defensive, or even to flee and become lost. Act now and urge Premier Daniel Andrews to find the man who inflicted the violence and charge him with animal abuse under the current Australian laws!

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