This pet grooming business has allegedly injured and killed multiple animals

When we hand over our dogs to be groomed, we are entrusting not only their hygiene but also their lives to their handlers. And most of the time, these people are animal lovers who go above and beyond to take care of our beloved pets. That’s why it’s so distressing to learn that this grooming business in Florida has been accused of substantial abuse over many years and they are somehow still operating! In addition to alleged abuse, several animals have died in their care or shortly after returning home. Sign the petition to tell Florida officials to finally investigate the company and close it down if they are harming pets!

Karma was a darling 5-month-old American bulldog who was so injured after her grooming session, she had to be euthanized! When the groomer from MaryEli’s Lovely Pets returned her, her body was limp and blood was pouring from her nose. The veterinarian said the possible causes were strangulation, near drowning, upper airway obstruction, prolonged seizure activity or electrocution! Accidents happen, but every single one of those possibilities would either be caused by a human or should have been noticed by one in time to get medical care.

Karma is not the only dog alleged to have been harmed by the grooming business. In February a Pomeranian named Sasha’s hip was reportedly dislocated during a grooming session. Other similar accusations are all over the business’ Google review page going back years! It’s time the authorities get to the bottom of this. Sign the petition to demand a thorough investigation into MaryEli’s Lovely Pets immediately!

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