This plan could cause hundreds of dolphins to suffer and die

Dolphins in the Gulf Have Suffered Enough. We Must Stop This Diversion Plan, Which Will Kill Even More of Them.

Restoration projects are vital to returning damaged ecosystems back to a healthier, safer state. But restoration projects, intended to protect ecosystems after human encroachment, should be good for all species involved — not just some. So why is the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority proposing a plan that could cause hundreds of intelligent, social dolphins to suffer and die?

Sign now to demand the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority halt plans to divert freshwater and sediment into Barataria Bay, which will kill dolphins! 

The plan is to divert large amounts of water and sediment from the Mississippi River directly in Barataria Bay to restore coastal ecosystems that naturally offer flood protection for coastal cities. But that plan will pose fundamental risks to dolphins in the meantime, causing low salinity in their home waters, which can trigger “severe psychological reactions.” In fact, according to scientists, this low salinity can cause the animals to develop extreme lesions on their skin and become painfully inflamed as they die. 

Restoration is important, but we must take care to reduce or avoid individual species in the process. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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