This poor cat lost an eye from the violent abuse he endured

Great parenting skills again! Am signing this BUT think he deserves a lot more than counselling and the parents need fining!

A Maine Teenager Violently Abused a Cat and Put It on Social Media

A teenager in Maine has been accused of abusing his pet cat Harlow after he posted a horrific video depicting said abuse to social media for all to see.

In the video, the teen is depicted grabbing the cat by its tail. The cat — a kitten, really, at less than 1 year old — is visibly terrified at being grabbed this way and unable to escape. The boy proceeds to literally swing the cat by its tail multiple times before violently slamming it into the pavement.

Luckily, sweet Harlow survived — but sustained gruesome injuries,  including to his eye that was so badly hurt it will need to be removed.

A kid who is hurting animals needs help. Sign now to tell local Lewiston authorities to require this child to get counseling!

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