This store is illegally using kangaroo leather to make shoes

Kangaroo Leather Is Banned, but This Store Keeps Killing Kangaroos to Use It

Kangaroos are a beloved marsupial known for their amazing leaps, playful social energy, and sweet little joeys popping their heads out of their mamas’ pouches. But some people also want to hunt them down for their skin, using the hide that covers their flesh for shoes, bags, and more. California took a great step forward by banning the sale of kangaroo leather in the 70s, but unfortunately, some retailers are openly breaking this law. And so far, they’re getting away with it.

Sign the petition to demand that California authorities finally crack down on cruel retailers selling kangaroo leather!

In many places, kangaroo leather is considered a “luxury” item — enabling more unnecessary cruelty. Soccer Warehouse, an American sports equipment and clothing store chain based in California, is one of the main culprits. Investigations by conservation groups have found kangaroo leather shoes at multiple Soccer Warehouse stores in California. Clearly, this corporation doesn’t care about the law or animal rights. Tell California’s regulatory agencies, including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and state prosecutors, that they must safeguard kangaroos’ rights and enforce the ban on kangaroo products! Soccer Warehouse and other retailers must face serious consequences for their refusal to follow the law.

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