This woman tattooed her cat!

In 2017, Care2 learned that a Ukranian fitness model had cruelly tattooed her hairless sphynx cat. We called for Instagram to deplatform her for animal abuse and they still haven’t done it. Now, she is posting pictures of the tattooed animal again and she has blocked the Care2 Instagram account, probably because our pressure was working. Sign the petition to demand Instagram deplatform this animal abuser now.

The abuse is done now, but she apparently doesn’t think what she did was wrong, so who is to say she won’t tattoo Yasha or another innocent animal again? Additionally, showing photos like this on Instagram only normalizes and even glamorizes animal abuse. It’s important that we send the message clearly: it’s never ok to tattoo an animal! Tattoos are painful and can even be dangerous. The original photo of the cat getting the tattoo is horrible; it’s clear the animal is yelping in pain!

Sign the petition to demand Instagram deletes both this influencer’s account and her cat Yasha’s account.

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