This young killer whale is dead, after a life of captivity at SeaWorld

Amaya the beautiful killer whale was only 6 years old when she died — practically a baby compared to the 50 years that female killer whales should live. Her last memories are of being trapped in a facility, surrounded by humans, while her liberty and life were siphoned away at a SeaWorld park in San Diego. Around mid-August, SeaWorld became aware she was ill, and within a few weeks, she was gone. To this day, SeaWorld officials have kept the cause of her death quiet.

Unfortunately, Amaya isn’t the only one. Before her, upwards of six other killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions died at various SeaWorld facilities in just the past year alone. While these creatures are all now gone from this Earth, they leave behind many other animals at SeaWorld parks — including Amaya’s mother and father, as well as seven other whales in the San Diego location. SeaWorld has shown repeatedly it cannot be trusted with these animals’ lives and care. We can’t let any more whales suffer. Tell SeaWorld it’s time to rehome all its remaining living whales by sending them to a safe and reputable sanctuary, where they can finally live out their days in peace!

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