This zoo is sacrificing animals’ safety for profit

The Zoo Where Lucy the Elephant Has Lived in Misery for Decades Is Ignoring Other Animals’ Welfare!

For many years, the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada has faced scrutiny for mismanagement of the animals in their care — namely Lucy, the Asian elephant who was ripped from her wild home at the young age of two and forced to live alone for over 40 years while suffering from excruciating health issues.

Now, it has come to light that this zoo is failing to keep many more animals than just Lucy safe and healthy — safety issues and deficiencies have been reported in the enclosures of zebras, birds of prey, camels, Asian elephants, and more. 

While the zoo has asked for increased budget to address these concerns, there is no telling how they will actually spend the requested $10.9 million — in the past, Edmonton Valley Zoo has ignored the welfare, health, and happiness of animals while expanding things like extravagant entrances, a gift shop, an playground, and a new café and restaurant. Clearly, the zoo is more interested in additional profit sources than the animals it keeps captive in order to draw in paying customers.

That’s why Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project (LEAP) is demanding the city create an animal welfare oversight committee that would advise on issues related to the care of the animals at the zoo. Sign the petition to support their cause, and keep animals like Lucy safe!

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