Thousands of cows burned to death in a fire

Nearly 20,000 Cows Burned to Death in a Fire That Could Have Been Prevented

he world lost a staggering number of sweet, charismatic animals in West Texas last week. At least 18,000 cows were burned alive in a tragic barn fire at South Fork Dairy Farm. 

To make matters worse, there is not a single federal regulation that protects animals from fires like this one. No animal deserves to burn alive. We must fight to increase federal fire protections used for animal agriculture. 

A simple fire protection code for the building holding these poor cows could have saved them. But as we know, animal agriculture in the US cares little for animal comfort or safety. That’s why we need to speak up, again and again, for these gentle, voiceless creatures.

Sign now to demand the USDA immediately implement federal fire protection codes for buildings housing animals!

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