Three Ways To Honour A Departed Dog

Unfortunately a number of people we know have lost their dogs recently so I thought I would pass on some ideas I received recently from I Love Dogs, a site that provides relief to rescue dogs through the sale of some good quality items or jewellery etc.

First suggestion: to write about the good times. It’s only fair to yourself that you keep yourself positive, give yourself time to deal with the loss, and preserve their memory in the way that they deserve. Talk about your dog with others, write down happy memories the two of you shared, and of course, keep the photos out that capture the moments in time the two of you had. Remember, not everyone has a Social Media account, and for those that do there are still a few people who like to keep their thoughts private!

Second suggestion: plant a tree.Many people think to give donations in their dog’s honor or perhaps even get some permanent ink, but planting a tree in their honor is also a nice way to let their legacy live on for years to come. Pick a nice spot in your yard and plant a young tree, and as the years pass, you’ll be able to watch that beautiful tree grow big and strong. Each day that passes you’ll have a living legacy that you can always look to when you want to be reminded of your special friend. With Sophie we took a cutting from the bush we found her in and have that growing on our roof.

Third suggestion: buy one of their Memorial Bracelets, which looks great, is a good quality (we have them) and each purchase will feed 22 shelter dogs.


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