Tiger the kitten had just found his forever home. Then he was violently murdered

By Christmas Eve of 2020, Tiger the tiny orange and white kitten had settled into his loving forever home after being adopted with his brother Felix back in August. But that morning would unfortunately be his last with his new family — a hunt consisting of a pack of hounds and humans on horseback egging them on ripped through Bramham Park, near where Tiger’s family lives, and in the course of pursuing a fox, they found Tiger and tore him to shreds. Tiger thought he had found his forever home; instead, his owner had to find him in pieces after the pack of hunting dogs had ripped him apart. The scene was horrifying; all that remained of the tiny kitten were clumps of his fur scattered about.

According to the laws set out in the Hunting Act of 2004, this hunt should have never been happening in the first place — hunting a fox with a pack of hounds larger than two is expressly illegal. Hunting a fox with any number of dogs with the intention of allowing them to kill the poor animal is also illegal, and considering what these hounds did when they came upon poor Tiger, they were clearly out for blood — trained and encouraged by their nefarious humans. Sign the petition demanding that all members of the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt be held accountable for sweet Tiger’s death, along with whoever at Bramham Park allowed this gathering!

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