Tigerino Canada Sensitive Cat Litter

No huge surprise, we use a fair amount of cat litter. The cats tend to prefer the garden and the gravel, but we still need three (3) covered litter trays in the Cottage and one outside in the Catio.

We clean them morning and night and as far as a cat litter is concerned we wanted one that minimised the smell, was cost effective, easy to tidy, and that they didn’t spread all over the place.

Have been really pleased with the Tigerino Canada Sensitive Cat Litter which we buy (along with food) from Zooplus as it is nice and fine, clumps really well so the litter left in the tray remains fresh and odourless for a long time, and the cats are all comfortable with it.

Tigerino is not only extremely absorbent, but also eco-friendly. This great value cat litter stops odours in seconds and seals germs in the core. Amazingly, it can absorb nearly its own weight in fluids.

Premium quality clumping litter from Canada. 100% natural clay, 350% absorbency, dust-free and very economical. Now available in an unscented variety, ideal for sensitive cats!

A great product, highly recommended unlike Tierino Nuggies Baby Powder cat litter which is truly awful and bets avoided!

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