Tigger – A VERY Cool Cat

16/05/12: Tigger’s story is a great example of a lovely and very patient adoptant in Germany. At first Tigger was completely lovely, but then he started to bite a little when he was stroked and Tanja’s son became a little afraid of him, so she thought about not keeping him, and Anke has been looking for a new home. Interested people did visit but as Tigger gently bit them too, they changed their mind! Some lovely cats do do this and Tigger’s first family did confirm that he liked to play fight with his Dad! Mori my cat is the same and mostly it is not really aggressive behaviour. Tigger’s future was still unsure however until this morning, when Anke sent me this message: “Tanja just wrote me that they have decided to keep Tigger. He is still biting sometimes but she and her little son cannot live with the thought to of giving him away. Tigger is biting, yes, but he also can be a really charming cat. Tanja says that Tigger seems to be very happy so she wants to keep him in his home.” I am very happy for all of them!

26/12/11: The latest news is that Tigger already has his forever home, and arrived there on Friday, just in time for Xmas. No photos yet, but this morning Anke sent me this message from his new Mum: All sounds fantastic! “Our joy is simply indescribable! Tigger has settled immediately, and he runs behind me ever since he arrived. Theo was the greatest too yesterday; he thought at first that this is the Neighbour’s cat Felix! Tigger has slept with me under the covers, he has been a great. For now he just sits in the chair and watches what is going on outside in the garden and wags for each bird, bleat bleat bleat, and the tail like a dog … well, because he must wait a few more days before he can go outside. Many greetings and Merry Christmas! Tanja (Overjoyed!)” A perfect home I think with a lovely new Mum, a nice cat friend and the garden that he needs!!! Good for Tigger … a very cool and very well brought up cat.

04/12/11: I only met Tigger on Wednesday evening when his parents brought him to vet Miguel’s, and on Friday morning he headed off to a foster home in Germany. Tigger ‘adopted’ Liz and Tony when he was only a few months old, and has spent the last 3 years being thoroughly spoilt in their home near to Sorbas. I was aware that Tigger needed re-homing earlier in the summer, but thought he had been sorted, until Liz sent out an urgent email a couple of weeks ago to say that they were leaving on 01.12. I am VERY happy to have been able to help as Tigger is a beautiful big soft, ‘English style’ Tabby, with a lovely personality to match. Below is what Liz wrote about him in one of her emails, and having met him, I believe we will find him his forever home very quickly. Susanne who met him off the transport said “Tigger – he is indescribable. A wonderful, curious, open-minded tomcat. He came out of the box and everything was fine. He immediately examined the flat. He even allowed us to stroke him. His future cat family are to be envied and will have a lot of fun – Tigger is great!!!!!”

The photos that Liz sent me show what a lovely, friendly, cuddle pud he is, but actually he is much more handsome with beautiful soft fur. I know that he will be fine and am pleased that I was able to find him a foster home in time, so that he didn’t have to get used to a cat rescue, and can continue to live in the style he was accustomed too. We will try to find him a home where he can be an inside outside cat again, but I have a feeling that a sunny balcony may be just fine. Tigger doesn’t really look like a big hunter explorer to me, more a home comforts type of cat!!! although Liz does describe him going out all night ‘on the tiles’. We will see.

A Big Cuddle Boy

A Big Cuddle Boy

A Big Cuddle Boy

A Big Cuddle Boy

A Big Cuddle Boy

Liz wrote about him:
Tiggy is a lovely affectionate cat – at the moment he is trying to type and sit on my knee at the same time!!!!!
His routine is, in the morning, (if he has been out all night ‘on the tiles’) he cries at our upstair bedroom window at 8.30 to be let in and to have a wonderful cuddle (demanded) then breakfast (in clean bowls or I’m not eating!!) and upstairs to the bidet where we have to put the tap on so he can wash his head(!) and drink out of the tap!!!! He will then play with home-made toys and bath mats and fall asleep on a cushion in the bathroom or on a bed!!!! Quite often (especially if it is cold, he stays in all night). If he is in all night, then he just waits for us but the same routine.

He loves to be cuddled, either on my knee or sitting on my husband’s arms which are folded with his head on his shoulder (the cat not the husband!)!! In the daytime, he loves to go out in the area and wander around but always returns within an hour or two. At night (if he is out) he loves to hunt and will bring his ‘prey’ into the house for praise. If we have visitors, he loves to welcome them and sit on knees, purring all the time). He follows us around a lot and if we sit down, he usually joins us. We brush him a couple of times a day (demanded by throwing himself on the floor and staring at you).

Although he ‘adopted’ us as a very tiny kitten, by crying at our gate about 3 years ago, and then he found his way in after we relented and took him some water, we really have grown to love him and are so upset that we can’t take him with us to the UK. We have a flat there where, unfortunately, there is a ‘no pet’ lease. As we can’t sell here, we don’t really have any options.”

One character cat!!!

And below is cute baby Tigger:

Baby Tigger

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