Tiny wolf pups are just the first of the current hunting season’s casualties

Nearly a year after gray wolves lost federal protections, as hunting season in many U.S. states begins, their fragile packs and populations across the country are in the fight for their lives. And the news coming out of these states is horrifying. These wolves are up against overzealous hunters, using horrific methods including “dogs, snares, and leg-hold traps.” Two female wolf pups and a female yearling from Yellowstone’s wolf pack have been slaughtered. Wisconsin has approved a gray wolf kill quota of 300 innocent wolves, “more than double the quota of 130 determined by the Department of Natural Resources.” This number is so egregious, in fact, that six of the state’s Native American tribes are suing Wisconsin.

All of this horrific news is just the beginning, as wolf hunting season has been allowed to start even after the USFWS issued a report admitting that these animals may actually still need federal protection. For them to be considering solid, overwhelming evidence that wolf populations cannot survive if they are hunted too aggressively while still allowing hunting season to begin is a bloody double standard — one that could force wolves into extinction forever. Tell the USFWS to stop dragging their feet, listen to the evidence, and stop the murder. Sign the petition if you want to see gray wolves relisted under the Endangered Species Act!

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