19/09/12: Latest news and photos have come re. Tonyko, now called Romeo: “Yes, he is sitting on the washing table if she brush her teeth, he is sitting on her lap if she is sitting on the toilet and he is sleeping under her blanket if she go to bed… I answered her that he is a good option instead of a man and less difficult… ;o)” It seems that he REALLY loves his new Mum. She is a nail designer and in the last photo Tonyko looks like he is waiting for her to paint his!

14/09/12: The very latest news is that “Tonyko now is Romeo… he is very cuddly and they love him… I think they will keep him definitely… he gives a lot of kisses… he likes to lick and cuddle with Mimi but she is a bitch… Tonyko is good with the dog, but Mimi and dog Maya hate each other, too… xxx” It seems he has his forever home, and will be the perfect cat for his new family who also want to be able to help us by fostering cats in the future. Tonyko loves all people, cats and dogs! What a sweetheart. Enjoy Kerstin’s photos of Tonyko with his new human friend.

14/09/12: Tonyko travelled to Germany on Saturday’s transport and is now looking very relaxed in his forever home in these new photos. For now he has a little flatmate, foster cat Mimi from Almerimar.
31/07/11: Tonyko isn’t strictly a rescue cat as he had a home and an owner who cared about him. She however has had to move away and could not take Tonyko with her, so she asked Montse to find him a new home. He is a lovely gentle boy who loves all people and cats, and he has only been at Montse’s for the last few weeks. His stay there will be a short one as Tonyko already has a home awaiting him in Germany. The lovely family who were going to adopt Novak will now give a home to Tonyko. He is very similar to Novak in looks and character and will be perfect for Diane, because she also wants to help us by fostering cats, and I think Tonyko will be very happy to welcome visitors to his home.

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