Too many cats about town are damaging feline feelings

Noticed how more and more of the UK printed media (i.e. papers) are publishing articles on cats and dogs these days?

Today it was the turn of The Times and The Telegraph who both printed results of some research from a Dr Ellis saying that people living in cities should be limited to one cat each.

I will leave it up to you t read the rest of the rubbish she sprouted!

There should be a one cat per household poliicy for people living in cities as keeping more than one feline is cruel, an expert has claimed.

Dr Sarah Ellis said keeping more than one cat in the city makes them unhappy as they have to compete for space and are limited to short journeys, ruining their confidence, independence and ability to hunt.

Dr Ellis used GPS collars to track 100 cats for a new BBC series, Cat Watch 2014: The New Horizon Experiment. “We see the short distance on the traces from their collars and we know they’re meeting other cats that they don’t get on with, so they’re often thwarted on their trips.”


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