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Thought I would post a reminder that we have a sample TRACES Certificate on the site that you can download here.

You will need to get the Government Vet to order and complete the relevant language version for the country you are sending the rescue animal from, but we have had a number of people asking what the certificates look like, and that their vets don’t have the forms (they wont) and don’t know what they look like.

It does appear to be very confusing with people telling is that they are being told that the animals need to be seen for two days at a zoological vet (never heard that one before) and a coupe of people have said that they have been asked to pay for the TRACES certificate: in one case 39€ per certificate, plus 75€ for the inspection visit, plus 10€ for the health check and 10€ for the worming tablet.

All I can say is that our involvement with TRACES is limited as we are not a rescue organisation and we are not registered for TRACES. With the Protectora’s that we have contracts with the Government Vet requires the passport (or copy) 7 days before the transport in order to check the microchip and rabies dates and complete the paperwork. They also need at this time the details of the adoptant (or foster home or rescue centre) the animal is being transported to, and our certificate, license, van and schedule details. Then the day before the transport the Government Vet inspects all the animals to ensure a) they are the right ones as per the passports and b) they are fit to travel and they then hand over the TRACES documentation, which they also enter on the system.

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