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TRACES once again seems to be causing all kinds of rumours and speculation, so for the record they have made NO CHANGES to the TRACES system or process. The fact that ‘you’ are now being asked to validate the address of the adoptant is NOT a new requirement, it has always been the case.

What is new is that after years of abuse and avoiding the need to do this the Government Vets (last Year) were told they could no longer issue TRACES Certificates to a unverified address.

To be clear a verified address is simply that: an address that has been verified as a current, actual address on the TRACES System but the Government Vet in the receiving country. It is not an approval, or a license, or requires a visit or inspection. It’s a ten minute task: the new adoptant (or rescue) sends an email and asks that their address be verified, and in return they get a verification number.

Seems that this is causing all sorts of problems still, not least because the ease of getting this done seems to vary, although I suspect this is not helped by many ‘sending’ rescues trying to do this rather than the ‘receiver’.

Anyway this 72 page pdf may help: hint = look at page 11 for a list of contacts in various countries.

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