This is the information you need from us to complete the TRACES Certificate. Please select the route that is relevant to your animals transport (EU or UK), and use the date of the transport. The schedule on the Transport Page will allow you to calculate the travel time for your animal(s) depending on their drop off location.

As a rule we use the Movano Van: 0009 PET so unless instructed otherwise please use that certificate,

Licensed Driver DetailsChris Marshall MARSH607313CA9PL
Company DetailsALStrays
Address14 Jonathan Road, Stoke on Trent, Staffs, ST4 8LP, UK
Address AuthorisationChristopher Andrew J Marshall GB00156832
Route: From & To SpainFrance – Germany – Holland – Belgium – UK – France
Dimensions (OO09 PET)3.6m x 1.8m i.e 6.5m2
Cage SizesXtra Large – 0.88m2 & Large – 0.54m2
DEFRA Certificate: Movano0009 PET (Download a copy here)
DEFRA Certificate: Qashqai0009 CSM (Download a copy here)
DEFRA Certificate: RR Sport0004 TEO (Download a copy here)
DEFRA Certificate: NV2003509 HFJ (Download a copy here)
Type 2 Transporter LicenseUK/STAFF/T2/00099424 (Download a copy here)
TRACES Validation ScreenTRACES System Validation Page (Download a copy here)

IF your animal is being transported to the UK under TRACES and we are NOT delivering to your door it is important that when you communicate with AVHLA you just tell them the animal is being delivered to your door – otherwise we need to get you to fill in another form which is just a pain!!!