TRACES: Use of Multiple Vehicles

Since launching our UK based pet transports, in particular the Calais Shuttle Service (where we meet a pet transporter in Calais and bring twenty animals over for them), and the UK Shuttle Service (where we deliver a EU based transporters animals in the UK on their behalf), a number of people have been in touch to ask what needs to be done regards TRACES.

It is actually very simple, as explained below:

You just put both transporters details on the Health Certificate, as confirmed by SM-APHA- Imports.

Question: Is it possible to put two vehicles on one TRACES certificate? We are looking at reducing the travel time for cats and dogs coming to UK from Europe and one way would be for a UK based transporter to meet the EU transporter and transfer the animals, reducing travel time by reducing rest time for the drivers.

My email to APHA

Answer: Our Welfare Team have confirmed that from a WIT point of view, as both transporters have the appropriate authorisation to carry pets it is acceptable to enter a second transporter and additional vehicle details.

APHA reply

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