Transport 08.12.12

1800: Some dogs still to be collected and delivered in the UK over today and tomorrow but the transport has arrived in the UK and all our drivers can now rest. Thankyou! You do a great job!!!
10/12/12: I had a message from Chris at about 5:30 am to say that he was at Maidstone services waiting to drop off some of the UK animals. The dog for Eindhoven was also very late but all the 14 UK dogs and 1 cat should be on schedule. We had allowed a long rest period this trip because we couldn’t start UK drop-offs in the middle of the night, so all is back on schedule. I think however we will have 3 very tired drivers!
22:00: The transport has got to the Dusseldorf drop-off about 3.5 hours late! This was mainly due to being held by police at Nuremberg for close to 3 hours. Then there was a further delay due to snow. All however is fine, and the good news is that our papers passed the police inspection. Safe onward journey to Chris and our 2 other drivers. This will have been a VERY long trip by the time they finally arrive in the UK.
09/12/12: Latest news from the transport is that it will be slightly ahead of schedule for the first drop-off in Bruchsal. Fantastic but not unexpected news! It is apparently very cold in Germany but no problems with the snow so far. All the animals are snug and warm.
0800: Photos from Montse of the Almeria pickup!
08/12/12: At 6 am this morning our largest ever transport set off for Germany, Holland and the UK. A total of 27 dogs and and 36 cats will set off today, all but 1 in our van. Little dog Enzo will have the luxury of flying to Cologne and joining the transport to the UK in Dusseldorf tomorrow. First on board were Champers and Cressida, 2 lovely cats from foster homes here in Almerimar, along with 4 Cordoba cats (Chrissie, Churette, Blonde and Bambu) who had stayed one night with us, 4 lovely dogs from Malaga and Granada (Bonnie, Sophie, Pippa and Nachito), that we gave B&B to for 2 nights, and Sacha that we collected from the protectora yesterday. Chris then made a quick stop at LIDL to collect dogs Whiskey and Blossom, another quick stop at Repsol Mojonera for cats Micky and Marvin, before a bigger pick-up in Almeria. Here cats Aura, Kitty, Katiuska, Oddi, Caffrey, Milu, Francesca, Button, Misae, Vais, Chaplin and Miley will join the transport.

Next stop is Camping Los Gallardos for cats Rowley, Crystal, Tia, Miya, Tara, BB and Figgy, who are the last of my Alstrays cats. Cat Torti from Sananimal will join at El Limite services, and finals cats (Negrita, Rubia, Inaro, Smokey, Sheba, Sina, Grace and Maggie with join in Repsol Santomera.

The remaining dogs will be joining the transport at Repsol Santomera, protectora HOVAR and San Antonio services further up the E15. We will have Snowy, Benni, Chico, Cora, Scruffy, Jimeena, Daisy, Pip, Chinito, Karla, Ruth, Cuco, Zorro, Zembla, Planka, Kara, Lotte, Negrito and Kira on board.

As always I wish all these animals and our 3 drivers a safe and not too uncomfortable journey and hope this trip that the snow in Germany does not cause any delays. I also wish all the animals long, happy and healthy lives in their news home, and I thank all the people who have helped them in any way. We all make a difference, and every one of these beautiful animals so deserves all the help we give them. Thankyou also to the adoptants, and foster homes that they are traveling to today, and particularly from me to MaSchmi, Petra, Kerstin, MaPu, Anke, Cony, Susanne and Christina in Germany and Montse, Matt, Pam, Jenny, Mary and Jayne here for all the help and support re-homing our lovely Spanish cats.

This is our last transport of 2012, here’s to 2013 and helping many more animals to better lives!


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