We have two vans, a Vauxhall Movana (OO09 PET) and a Nissan NV200 (3509 FHJ) both with a DEFRA Animal Welfare Certificate (Vauxhall: 10944 & Nissan: 10943) for the transportation of live animals across Europe on journeys in excess of 24 hours. We also have a Range Rover Sport (OO04 TEO) that has a DEFRA Animal Welfare Certificate (10942) which we use from time to time for local deliveries and on our Luxury Pet Transport Service.

The certificates mean the Vehicles have met the stringent requirements of DEFRA which in brief means that they have air conditioning, a grill separating the drivers from the animals (which allows air to flow through), the means of monitoring and adjusting the temperature in the rear of the van, independent lighting in the rear in the van, a washable floor in the van, approved cages and transport boxes for the cats and dogs, and the means to secure the cages and transport boxes throughout the journey.

In addition we have the means to water the cats and dogs in transit without having to open their cages or transport boxes, if required. We travel with a Sat Nav and a back up system and a Spanish and UK mobile phone. We provided live tracking of our journey and regular updates through our password protected Tracking Page which we set up for each individual transport.

The vehicles each have a powered cool box which can be used as necessary for any medication that needs to be carried.

We carry a full first aid kit for animals, surgical gloves, cable ties, dog ‘poo’ bags, wet wipes and kitchen roll, along with headache tablets etc for ourselves!

The configuration of cages changes depending on the destination and number of animals being transported.

The Nissan typically has 2 Extra Large Cages, 2 Large Cages and 2 Medium Cages and is capable of taking 10-16 dogs of Medium, Small and Puppy sizes.

The Vauxhall typically has 6 Extra Large Cages, 6 Large Cages and 5 Flight Boxes and is capable of taking 24-32 dogs to the UK % Europe of varying sizes.

We change the configuration of cages depending on the profile of dogs booked on each transport so please be accurate and honest when submitting your dogs size.

A number of local vets, the Andalucian Official Vet, the Trading Standards in the UK and the pet passport in Calais have all confirmed that the Movana is capable of transporting 20-36 dogs, depending on their size, along with the cats on their own shelf above the dog cages.

Movano (0009 PET)

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NV200 (3509 HFJ)

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Range Rover Sport (0004 TEO)

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