The cat boxes MUST meet our requirements regards size and structure, so if you have any doubts please check our cat boxes page for the dimensions that we can accept, and the water bowl MUST be fitted securely INSIDE the box (please use TWO cable wraps to secure) but empty, and the cat should not have been fed since 6pm the night before.

Please note though that boxes MUST NOT be any bigger than those on on this page . However tempting it is to sneak in a bigger box this causes us real problems as we have an optimum layout that we must achieve if we are going to cover the costs of the transport, and if we can’t load your box because it is too big then we will have no option other than to leave the box and the cat with you BUT we will still require you to pay your contribution as we can’t afford to provide the transports if they aren’t full, and your space could have been taken by someone else and it is unfair on all the other cats and dogs and owners if we cancel because you couldn’t be bothered to sort out the right size box!

TIP don’t put a blanket or bedding into the cat box when you are transporting it to the drop off location. If it going to go to the toilet far better it does it in an empty box that you can easily clean out before handing the cat over to us. Put the bedding into the box once you are at the pick up location. It is best to use an absorbent sanitary type pad so that when the cats go to the toilet is absorbed and they can push it to the back.

For safety reasons we do not like to open the cat boxes during transit unless it is obvious that a cat is distressed. The only approved method of transporting a cat is for it to travel in approved cat box. To transport a cat ‘lose’ in in a dog cage with a litter tray is un-hygienic, dangerous for the cats (imagine if the van breaks sharply for example), and we would not be approved by the Junta de Andalucia if we transported them any other way.

After we have secured all the cats we will fill up their water bowls as part of our final check before setting off.

We check the water levels continually throughout he journey.

We will not transport two cats in one box, regardless of how well they get on. They will never have travelled in one box together for a similar period of time, and if one is sick or has stomach issues the other will just get messed up as well!

Under no circumstances should you transfer your cat from the cat box it has travelled in until you are safely in your own home NOT your car! We wont accept the cat box back from you until it has been cleaned and disinfected so you aren’t saving yourself a job, and you are just putting your cat at risk.

We will NOT transport a cat that has been sedated under any circumstances. In our experience the cats fight against the strange feeling of the sedative as it wears off and they can react badly, and no way could we repeatedly administer a sedative to keep a cat quiet – and nor would we even consider it.

You MUST get your vet to complete the Clinical Examination section of the pet passport to confirm that he and you are happy that your cat is fit to travel.