Transport April 2012

13:00: Now the transport Is finished. All the cats are on their way to adoptants and foster homes. Well done and a big thank you to our 2 drivers.
28/04712: Latest news is that all the data have been dropped off at the first meet point in Bruchsal. Slight delays getting to Wallau but all the cats are fine.
12:15pm: Latest news is that all cats and dogs are now loaded and on their way to Germany. Enzo managed to miss getting on the van, but Montse has dashed him up the motorway to meet the transport at Los Gallardos. All now fine and on schedule.
27/04/12: I am waiting for news that all the cats are loaded ok but today’s transport will be our biggest ever, with 45 cats traveling, 44 of whom are going to Katzenherzen, and 41 of them AlStrays cats. We also have 2 dogs traveling to new homes from the Alondra DuPont Protectora in Almeria. This is fantastic team work, and I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in this project. The girls in Germany have done a fantastic job finding homes for all our cats, and I never forget the hard work of our partner rescues or Chris and Mick who do the last tough bit of driving to Germany.

As I write this, Felix, Amber, Anya, Katrina, Dolly, Bracken and Rogelia are on board having been loaded here in Almerimar. Molly will have joined them by now at LIDL, and Nunet, Nobi and Rex in Almeria, along with Zero and Dr Watson the 2 dogs.

Montse’s 17 cats should now be loading from her porch near Almeria Airport. These are: Albert, Einstein, Averroes, Indiana, Thomas, Arquimedes, Enzo, Mila, Tila, Felix, Bonny, Linus, Gino, Alina, Piluky, Dana and Gaia.

Last stop today will be Camping Los Gallardos where the final 17 cats will join the transport: Bella, Norman, Roger, Violet, Luna, William, Mannie, Zane, Keira, Jessica, Mowgli, Tiggy, Rosie, Carla, Bonnie, Laura and Alex.

I wish all of them and our 2 drivers a safe and not too uncomfortable journey, and the animals happy and healthy new lives.

2 thoughts on “Transport April 2012

  1. Pauline Wright

    We wish all the cats/doggies and THE MEN Chris and Mick have a very safe journey to Germany and their vehicle.We will be thinking of them all with lots of love and thanks to all on this last step from Spain to their new life in Germany.May we have good news about them all.Miss them.With love Pauline and all the ladies.xx

  2. lynne cross

    I was very upset to let Molly go, but when I met Chris on Friday I knew she was in very safe hands.
    I wish you all the very best, you people are so very kind and understanding.
    Many, many thanks.

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