Transport September 2012

10/09/10: Another transport successfully over, and today I received some great photos of the arrival in Wallau.
09/09/12: The last cats were dropped off near Wallau just after 10am, and should by now all be in their foster or forever homes. I look forward to news of them all soon.
08/09/12: Another 36 cats and 2 dogs are as I type on their way to new lives in Germany. At 8am this morning Chris left Almerimar with the first 7 cats: Claudio (a semi-feral cat, no longer wanted in a garden in Almerimar), Coco (abandoned in Almerimar), Ophelia from SOS Pechina, Ziggy and Korky, rescued in Mojacar and Murcia, Mimi found here as a baby kitten, and Valentin, who came from a rescue in Cordoba the day before. In addition Harris from SOS Pechina caught the transport just to his new foster home in Almeria.

Next on board were Lisa and Sammy 4 stops down the motorway, from another rescue centre. Then in Almeria 9 more cats from SOS Pechina that I am re-homing joined the transport: Leon, Tala, Fraser, Barnaby, Electra, Nahla, Horatio, Lolita and Savannah. In addition 10 cats from a private rescue home in Almeria joined: Marli (originally found near Mojacar), Aitor and Liryat (rescued from an overheated pet shop), Lila and her son Liro, Lyaris, Rasfi, Micky, Octavio (blinded in one eye by an air rifle) and Tonyko. AND 4 cats from the Alondra DuPont protectora: Milk, honey, Mole and Loise.

The transport then stopped at Los Gallardos Camping near Mojacar to pick up Tara, before heading to near Murcia for the last pickup. Here the 2 dogs Sandy and Vito joined and the last 3 cats: Mia and her son Moca, rescued by a kind English couple, and Rubi from the Angeles protectora. Most of these beautiful animals were abandoned or at risk when they were rescued, and most already have families waiting for them in Germany. All will now be safe and loved for the rest of their lives. Thankyou as always to our drivers and to everyone who has played any part in helping these cats and dogs. Every day I have to tell myself that we cannot help all the animals in trouble here in Spain, but for every one we can help, we make a HUGE difference. I wish them all a safe journey and the best of luck in their news lives. I will be waiting for news of them all and particularly of the ones that we looked after here in Almerimar. They are a little special.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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  1. Chris

    The photo of the inside of the van is after we have unloaded the cats at Bruchsal and loaded up some donations and started to unload in Wallau which is why their are no straps securing the cat boxes in place!

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