Trials have started…

Have you come across an e-scooter recently?  

“We’ve had near misses while out working with [guide dog] Tudor. They go so fast and I can’t hear them I doubt they have time to slow down. It’s really unnerving when it happens, especially as they can startle the guide dogs. It’s an accident waiting to happen.” – Angie, guide dog owner  

Micro-mobility vehicles such as e-scooters can be extremely difficult for blind and partially sighted people like Angie to see and hear. People have told us they are concerned that they won’t know when they are near them, putting them as risk of a nasty crash.  

Now that e-scooter rental trials have begun in some parts of the country, we want local authorities to make sure that pedestrians, particularly those with sight loss are safe. 

By writing to your councillor you can help make sure that they know why it is so important that people with vision impairments are considered at every stage of any trials carried out. 

Will you write to your councillor?


Over the past 6 months, lots of things have stopped people with sight loss from living the life they chose. It’s more important than ever that people with sight loss feel confident and safe to shop, commute, or visit family, without worrying about the hazards e-scooters can bring if used unsafely. 

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