Trinni From Almeria

I have been posting a lot recently about Mojacar cats, but Almerimar Strays also has a friendship with another small cat rescue in Almeria city. This is run by a group of lovely Spanish girls, headed up by Ana, and affectionately known as the ‘alondras’.

They regularly have up to 10 cats in their small locale, and all are clean, healthy and well cared for. They too have offered in the past to take an urgent foster cat from us.

In March we were able to help them. Trinni pictured needed to get to Munich urgently and my friend Roya was a free and willing flight partner. Trinni therefore spent one night with us so that I could hand her over in the morning to Roya.

She managed to charm all of us in that very short time, and we were then all very sad to hear that she became very ill with an infection when she arrived in Germany. The stress of traveling can bring out hidden problems, but after several days in an animal clinic, the right antibiotics were found, tests for serious problems came back negative, and Trinni recovered fast.

Unfortunately for her, the transport problems in February, meant that we didn’t get her to Germany in time to keep her forever home. She is however living in a lovely foster home with our cat Emily, who after some initial un-welcoming behaviour, has decided she rather likes her. Emily has been there several months, and my hope still is that this may become her forever home. It would be great if their kind foster Mum decided to keep them both.

Sweet Trinni

Sweet Trinni

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