10/03/13: Tuschka travelled this weekend to her forever home in Germany, and I already have the first photo of our little darling resting after her long journey. She is SO sweet!!!
31/01/13: Here is our little darling Tuschka. She is completely gorgeous and now 2.5 months. I saw her in a cage at Pechina some weeks ago with 2 adult cats and could not leave her there. She was calling to me through the bars! Pam has very kindly taken her in and she is charming all of us. At first I was worried she may have a broken leg but Miguel could not feel this, and I think it was just a bad strain, She is now running very fast on all 4 legs. You can see how affectionate she is but she is also VERY playful and fast and brave, and she LOVES Pam’s dog Rufus. She is the perfect kitten for any home! She has no aggression and is SO sweet and fun. It is hard to imagine how she could have ended up at Pechina. Whoever did not want this little sweetheart, has no heart for cats!

Tuschka At Home
Tuschka At Home

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