Twitter hosted video of a kitten being killed in a blender

Elon Musk is Allowing Videos of Animals Being Brutally Tortured on Twitter!

Animal torture videos have been circulating on Twitter recently. One such video shows a kitten being placed in a blender. A person then turns the blender on, and violently kills the kitten.

What’s worse is some users reported that when using Twitter’s search function, they literally had the phrase “cat in a blender” suggested to them.

There is simply no reason this should be happening. With its massive resources, Twitter has the power to curb the spread of content promoting animal abuse.

Twitter’s failure to curb these videos puts animals at risk, platforms cruel abusers and encourages copycats, and leaves users open to grisly, disturbing content. 

Twitter has the power to snuff out violence against animals, but instead it seems to be promoting it. Sign the petition to demand CEO Elon Musk and Head of Trust & Safety Ella Irwin commit to fortifying content safety and moderation on their platform!

1 thought on “Twitter hosted video of a kitten being killed in a blender

  1. Patricia Foschi

    hello .I was before on Twitter. the baddest times with that crazy woman from India vijaya gadde who’s had FIRED BY ELON ??.that’s was more sad .she let’s all the person’s who’s having there theirs accounts .(WITH ANIMAL’S TROPHY’S KILLER’S!!)who’s doings theirs video’s the all around Twitter let’s looking the other’s person’s as us (animal’s lover’s.? .their’s video’s to showing how to killed animal’s as tiger’s Pumas lion’s ect!!! they making dancing with them when they was deads or takings their’s tongue out!!or pulling their’s ears ect!!! that’s horrible person’s are completely crazy and inhumans they can all doings what’s they wants .(but when somebody’s as us written a comment back to them with what’s we thinking about this barbarics cruelty .they signaled us .because we saying the true.and we’ve our accounts blocked by that’s kinds of mentally disabled.

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