Two Beautiful Siam Girls

24/05/14: Delphine has now been in Germany almost 1 month and the first photos have arrived from her new home. Our little lady has her humans well under control, has her own blanket on the daughter’s bed, and it seems has found herself in cat paradise! Good for her!!! The rather dominant Ursula meanwhile has been learning to socialise with the other cats in foster home Lita.
27/04/14: I am very pleased to be able to write that Delphine recovered from her operations just in time to travel to her new family in Germany. They were warned that our little lady may need some weeks to be back to her most beautiful best, but the news of her arrival today is that she is already charming them! She now has the perfect home to relax and be totally spoilt. She will be their only little princess. Ursula meanwhile is still waiting for her forever and has now moved to foster home Pepe and Lita where she is showing them what a real cuddle girl she is. I will be interested to hear how she is socialising with their other cats because Ursula is definitely a strong character and we suspect may have originally been, like Delphine, an only cat.

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15/04/14: Last night I was at my vet with Delphine. I had noticed that she hated being stroked under her chin and thought she maybe had an injury. When Miguel was able to properly examine her we were all shocked by what we saw. Poor Delphine had 2 pieces of metal sticking through the skin under her mouth, that looked almost like staples. An X-ray was needed and then all became clear. She had apparently broken her jaw in the past and it had been wired. What we were seeing was the wires, which Miguel thinks should have later been removed, having poked their way through her skin. Sedation and pliers were needed, after which poor Delphine was castrated. Not a good evening for her but amazingly as soon as she woke up she wanted to eat soft food, maybe an indication that her mouth was already feeling better. This problem was another indication of the lack of complete care at a rescue centre like Pechina, and another case of an owner who once must have paid for an operation to help his cat, abandoning her to take her chances when she was no longer wanted.


12/04/14: Yesterday I took 2 lovely siam-mix ladies out of SOS Pechina and they are now relaxing at Pam’s. Delphine is a small gentle cat of about 3 years, and looks almost pure with huge true blue eyes. She spent most of her time at Pechina hiding and is a little thin, but after the first few hours under Pam’s desk she is now sitting on the bed, eating better and happy to be stroked. Ursula, the more unusually coloured of the 2, is becoming quite a character. I was also worried about her at Pechina because she was always tightly coiled and quite unresponsive when we visited, although happy to be picked up and stroked. At Pam’s her true friendly character is coming out. She rushes to the door of the room to greet us, demands attention, quickly installed herself in one of the comfy beds, eats everything and seems happier and more confident each day. I am smiling because we can see now that, away from the barking dogs and large pen of cats at Pechina, Ursula is actually quite a dominant lady, now about 1 year old. She tries to steal Delphine’s food, and I think will be very playful with the right cat friend. I am very happy that both are out of the rescue, and hope they will be off to families in Germany very soon. Thankyou to Pam for giving them her study for the next 2 weeks.

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