This service is designed for both rescues looking to re-home an animal and adoptants looking to give an animal a new home. We will visit the home and prepare a report based on location, lifestyle and the animal to identify suitability of the home for the animal.

The report will include photographs, video of both the inside and outside of the house, and of the surrounding areas so please be aware of this before requesting a homecheck.

Over the years we have unfortunately had to transport far too many animals due to a ‘failed adoption’ – we do this for free for any animal that we have transported (see Terms and Conditions) – and in many case it has been because of issues that a thorough and detailed Homecheck could have prevented.

Too many times a Homecheck is no more than a ‘snap shot’ of the current situation and it doesn’t take into account potential changes to the environment: future adoptions, a move, an elderly relative coming to live etc.

The environment is also important: where will they be walked, when will they be walked, what is the Plan B for poor weather, how much time will they spend alone etc etc.

ALStrays Homecheck Service Recommends

We have owned a number of external Cat Climbing Towers for many years now in Spain and they are excellent: they have survived the all year round summer with hardly any damage, and the structure and roped polls show no signs of wear and tear, despite years of daily use by a ‘number’ of cats.

No hesitation in recommending these guys, and appreciate their support of our Homecheck Service. If you buy from them mention us by name, and if we can help deliver them as we travel around the UK we will.

Another ‘friend’ of ALStrays, we are more than happy with the work they have done for us, both internal and external. They worked with us closely to create the bespoke solution we needed at The Cottage to keep our cats and dogs safe and sound, and again absolutely no hesitation in recommending them

With our years as a Transporter we are uniquely positioned to combine our experience of rescue animals with our experience of visiting adoptants homes.

Our reports are thorough and professional: photos, videos, audio (think busy roads), and cover the home environment, the local environment and lifestyle (current and future). We DO NOT retain a copy of the reports: they are presented in a secure digital format to the person that is paying for the report and that person only.

The cost is £50 per report plus mileage and any expenses (agreed up front).

The reports can be requested from either a rescue considering an adoption application, or an individual wanting to assess their suitability to adopt before making an application.

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