This service is designed very much with the Calais Shuttle Service or if they introduce the TRACES requirement for the animals to go to one UK location for 48 hours before being delivered to their new homes in the UK.

With this service we will drive to one location in the UK, collect the animals and deliver to the door in the UK (mainland) * we can quote for Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man etc.

We have four (4) DEFRA Certified vehicles so we will work with you and your clients to provide the most effective delivery schedule, and we will make our tracking service available and adhere to your paperwork requirements.

Strongly suggest you read this post as to the need to put both both transporters details on the Heath Certificate (TRACES).

The transport very much remains that of the original pet transporter and we will adhere to your processes and ways of operating.

We will require a signed delivery confirmation by the owner for our own records but we will provide you with a copy if required.

We will make our tracking facility available to you and your clients


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