Up to 1,700 dolphins will die in this annual slaughter

Seriously why?

The annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan has just gotten underway. In the coming months, 1,700 dolphins and 300 whales will suffer a terrible fate. The “lucky” ones will be caught and sold into captivity to marine animal parks. These dolphins or whales will then spend the rest of their lives in small landlocked enclosures. They will be trained using violence and cruelty to do tricks for food and endure days in and days out of screaming crowds.

Those that aren’t so lucky will be killed. Trapped by the Taiji dolphin hunters, they will be corralled and forced into the infamous “Cove” where they will then be slaughtered, gutted and sold as whale meat. Their carcasses go for just $500. A sad statement as to how much we value the lives of these beautiful animals.

Dolphins are intelligent and social creatures. They live in pods, a closely-knit group of individuals and have their own personalities. These killings should be a national shame for the country of Japan and yet year after year they allow these brutal slayings to continue.

This must end. If you are against, the senseless, gratuitous killing of these beautiful animals sign the petition and demand that Japan stops murdering dolphins.

Please consider signing the petition.

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