Urge Ireland to Ban Live Export

Right now, about 2,000 bulls are being shipped from Ireland to Libya on a harrowing nine-day journey. When they arrive, they’ll endure slaughter so gruesome it would be illegal in their home country.

This misery must end. Let’s join forces to stop the cruel live-export industry.

Imagine spending days in transit, crammed onto a ship with thousands of others in intolerable heat – possibly without sufficient food, water, or rest. These journeys are deadly. Many animals are trampled to death or die from exposure, asphyxiation, or dehydration in the hellish conditions.

In addition, ships licensed to carry animals are often old or dilapidated, which increases the risk of fire or sinking, resulting in extreme suffering and a prolonged death for huge numbers of animals.

Please speak out against this cruelty: tell Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine that live export is incompatible with animal welfare and must be stopped.

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