URGENT: 21 dogs in immediate danger of death

Stop slaughter of the surviving ‘Mkushi Dogs’, confiscated from meat traders.

A truck, carrying 70 live dogs in a closed container, bound tor the Congo/Zambian Border was intercepted, and seized by police authorities in Mkushi earlier this week.

Tragically all but 21 dogs suffocated to death while a vet sought an urgent court order to grant permission for all the dogs to be shot immediately.

These Dogs are thought to be the lucky few to have been rescued from a meat trade racket PLEASE HELP US by simply signing this petition and passing it on.

Several local animal welfare organisations have rallied together with community members of Mkushi District, and have, with the help of public donations managed to deliver treatment, food and shelter to the surviving dogs. They have assured authorities that these 21 remaining dogs can be taken care of and eventually be rehabilitated and re-homed and pose no threat to Public Health. Sign to save these dogs!

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