Urgent appeal: Last minute tiger rescue

Sahib was bred in a zoo and sold to a circus when he was only one year old. If he’d been born in the wild, he would have stayed with his mother for two years, unfortunately in captivity, a tiger’s life often looks very different. For Sahib, this was life in circuses, where he spent the last 12 years performing for people.

When his owner had to stop his circus, he approached FOUR PAWS for help. Like many former circus animals, Sahib can never be released into the wild. Unfortunately, this means, Sahib has nowhere to live.

Your support today could help to rescue Sahib and give him a new home for life at our TIERART big cat centre in Germany. Thanks to you, he has a chance to retire in a tiger-appropriate environment, where he can spend his time the way he wants for the first time in their lives and leave his circus life behind forever.

Due to his past life in the circus, Sahib is used to life on the road. This means we can avoid the risks related to putting tigers under anaesthesia. This time, upon arrival at the sanctuary, Sahib will enjoy a plesant surprise, instead of another circus performance, he will be introduced to the relative freedom of their new 1,000 sq meter tiger enclosure!

Here he will feel the grass under his paws and have the chance to bathe in his own swimming pool. With enrichment activities and special diets especially created for tigers, Sahib will receive all the love, expert care and veterinary treatment he needs and a well deserved happy retirement.

We urgently ask you today to help us give Sahib a new home, and a chance to finally be loved, safe and protected. Will you help?

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