Very Cute Felix Kitten


Baby Felix

Felix has changed a lot in the last few weeks; he now looks more like a minature cat and is VERY cute!

When we first rescued him as a baby of maybe 2 weeks, he still had the little rounded head of a new-born. I love how feisty he is and how he will now start the play flights with the bigger kittens like Pippa below. They in their turn are being very sweet, and have learned to be more gentle with him!


Playing With Pippa

Meanwhile Luke has finally recovered from his bug and is much stronger and more energetic. I really like this photo of him (lying down) having a play fight with his bigger brother Snoopy.


Luke & Snoopy Play Fighting

6 thoughts on “Very Cute Felix Kitten

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  2. Warren

    I love the bottom photo… the cutest little spread paw almost looks like a human hand.

  3. Lisa

    such cute kittens.. reminds me of my little ones when they were young

  4. Ryan

    He’s so cute! I’m sure he’s a big adorable cat by now. He’s so lucky to be rescued. Now he has the luxury of time to enjoy life…

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