VERY Happy Tommy Tomcat

04/10/12: Yesterday Kerstin sent me fantastic new photos of Tommy our VERY special boy with his new friend Jerry (previously Thomas from PAWs). Thomas actually travelled to Germany in October 2011 when Tommy and Sock’s Mum kindly agreed to foster this other lovely FiV boy. Then in March of this year Socks sadly died of kidney failure, so Natascha decided to adopt young Thomas, and it seems the 2 boys are very close.

Thomas is now about 3.5 years old compared to Tommy’s 13 years, and was rescued from a commercial centre by Tracy from PAWs. He was obviously abandoned and was thin and afraid and SO glad to be safe. He has also been badly bitten so it wasn’t a huge surprise when his FiV test was positive. We are sure Thomas was not the aggressor as he is a lovely affectionate cat and a perfect friend for our lovely old boy. Big black Tommy is, as I have written earlier, very special not only because he was my first FiV cat, but also because Pam fed him here on the rocks for years before we started the re-homing project. I am very very happy that he is still healthy and happy. Long may this lovely life for him continue, and thankyou again to Natascha and her husband!

Enjoy all the photos from this year and earlier in the gallery, and Natascha’s updates below, AND some earlier photos that Tracy took of the then Thomas, now Jerry!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

11/03/12:Thanks for your wishes, but Socke is dead. He could´nt stand on his feet any more and could no longer drink or eat. Now he has a better life but I am very, very, very sad!!”

11/01/12:Yes, Jerry is a very lovely boy, the first second he was here. We have alot of fun with him, we are very often laughing about him. He has a job in our flat. Flying over the carpet! Running through the floor, jumping on the carpet and folding the carpet. But you must be faster than Jerry, because your feet are scrape. He is very special and we are very in love with him. Tommy is very well, he is at the moment a very good eater :-)))”

01/11/11: Yesterday the latest photos came of Tommy. It is lovely that his Mum keeps in touch, as Tommy is one of our special boys. He is my first FiV cat, and proof that these cats can be happy and healthy if kept inside, given good food and looked after well. Kerstin and I were laughing yesterday. She emailed me with the photos saying “He is now a little fat cat!” I replied that Tommy always liked his food. I can remember having to put him on a diet 2 years ago before he flew to Germany, as the cabin didn’t allow animals over 6kg. We Just got there. Now I think Tommy spends his life lying on sofas or in the sun, eating good food and receiving lots of cuddles and love. At 10+ years old, with many of them out on the tough streets, what more could this lovely old boy want?! As always I wish him many more happy years. He certainly deserves them.

Lovely Boy

Lovely Boy

With Socks

08/07/10: I have just received new photos of Tommy from his Mum, who says in her email that he is the most lovely cat she has ever had! I am not surprised as Tommy, once we had cleaned him up from his life on the streets, charmed everybody.

At 10 years old he is a real character cat, and the softest old bruiser. If I hadn’t already 3 healthy cats, I would have loved to have given him a home.

Whilst outside he contracted FIV, so he now lives with another FIV boy, Big Socks, whom he seems to rather like. Tommy is one of our ‘special’ rescues, and I am very happy that things have turned out so well for him. He now has all the love and comfort he needs and deserves. Enjoy the photos!

Contented Tommy

Contented Tommy, Socks & Dad

Contented Tommy With Socks

Contented Tommy

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