Vets don’t have to report violent animal abuse in this state

When she was only two years old, Allie the Boston terrier was abandoned while she was in labor with her third litter of puppies. Sadly, this trauma was actually a blessing in disguise. Up until that point, Allie had been severely abused by dog breeders who forced her to produce as many puppies for them to sell as possible. They wounded her so badly, they left scars on her ears, face, and legs. The worst part? There were many opportunities where someone could have stopped the abuse. A veterinarian even examined her at one point and recognized the signs of horrible abuse — but did not alert any authorities.

To rectify this injustice and protect other animals that are experiencing violence, several bipartisan lawmakers in Florida have teamed up to push for “Allie’s Law,” which would require all veterinarians and vet techs to report animal abuse to the proper authorities. Previously, Florida law simply stated that veterinarians “may” report incidents of animal cruelty, with no actual mandate to do so. Allie’s Law would save an untold number of lives — both pets and also humans. Extensive research shows a strong correlation between animal cruelty and abuse against children and spouses. If an animal brutalizer were to be caught early on, authorities could prevent future tragedies. Tell Florida state senators and representatives to vote yes on Allie’s Law!


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