Victor the polar bear just died, and the rest of his species isn’t far behind him

Victor the polar bear was an amazing 22 years old when he died in late August, 2020 after living a happy life and fathering 13 cubs. But Victor’s contribution to the vulnerable state of the polar bear population is far from enough. Scientists are now saying that by the end of this century, in less than 80 years, the polar bear could completely vanish from the earth due to climate change. But at the same time when one of the world’s most iconic species is on the brink of extinction, Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are fast tracking rollback after rollback of important environmental protections in order to benefit the fossil fuel and construction industries.

It’s hard to even keep up, with a new rollback announced almost daily. By the time of Victor’s death, Trump had successfully taken away 68 regulations, and still has his sights on eliminating 32 more. With these rollbacks, he is increasing the amount of permissible emissions from power plants and vehicles at a time when we know emissions need to shrink. He is also opening up vital wildlife habitat, some of which is the very habitat polar bears rely on, for oil and gas drilling. Do not let Victor’s life have been in vain! Sign the petition to tell Trump and the EPA to halt their relentless attack on legislation that was put in place to curb climate change!

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